About me

Hi! I'm Anna, a geologist specializing in geomorphology and glaciology. I am fascinated by the natural world, and passionate about science that can have a direct impact on human lives and the environment. I absolutely love fieldwork, but I am also an excellent writer and presentor, and could spend hours engaged in spreadsheets or code.

This website is a personal project (see "could spend hours engaged in code...") to present my work in one place for employers, collaborators, family, and friends. I hope you find something interesting!

Wondering where to start? Here are some highlights:


January 14, 2022
Join my upcoming public presentation about Malaspina Glacier research hosted by the WISE Science Lecture Series. A recording will be available on their website after the event.

Glacier Bay Resource Brief
Read my synopsis of recent research that has concluded that the retreat of the Grand Plateau Glacier will reroute the Alsek River in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve: Will Dry Bay lose its river because of glacier retreat?.

New publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research Earth Surface
Access here or email me for a pdf.