Writing Portfolio


Master's thesis, 67 p., 2020

Each chapter was reviewed and edited my my advisor, Neal Iverson. Content has been revised into the scale of a journal article and is in review.

Undergraduate thesis, 39 p., 2017

Written largely independently, with review of the final draft from advisors. Received disinction from Carleton College.

Keck short contribution, 7 p., 2017

An abbreviated version of my undergraduate thesis.


Resource Brief, 2021

This is my synopsis of a research paper about the Grand Plateau Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. It is published on the park website.

News story about a pumice raft, 2 p., 2019

This is the first half of a news story written for a science communication class. This was an unpublished excercise.

The Big Moment of a Small Scale Soccer Player, 2 p., 2017

Written and workshopped in a creative nonfiction writing class. Read a humorous account of a time my kindergarten soccer skills were put to the test.