Technical Projects

Adobe Illustrator, ArcGIS, Web Design

Adobe Illustrator

Scientific Figures

I have made many types of figures in Illustrator for reports and research papers. These are just some examples.

These figures are from my undergraduate thesis. They were created to display and analyze vesicle distribution in this pillow basalt. I traced vesicles (air bubbles) in two "wedges" in the left-hand image and imported the traces into image-J to analyze vesicle shape. The figure on the right illustrates how vesicle geometry varies from the inside to the outside of the pillow in one of the wedges.

This figure is from a report in my seds/strat class. As part of a team of three, I created and interpreted four strat columns from outcrops of the Decorah Shale/Limestone.

Instead of creating this next figure from scratch, I had to modify an existing flat jpeg to my needs. Hover to view the original. The entire cutout view of the ice, rock, and toothed platen is the my addition (on both scales). I also covered and replaced all the lables.


Sketches → Illustrator files (after many rounds of consulting and manipulation) → Prints


Web Design

html css and JavaScript

See this website as an example!

Embedding maps

See a good example of a customized embedded map on my fieldwork home page.
View an overview of how the maps on this website were created
Additional web mapping assignments and exercises