Stream and Wetland Restoration Projects

Stream restoration analysis at Carroll Marty Disc Golf Course (NREM.555X)

I took a graduate-level stream restoration class with a field-based lab. We spent the semester working in teams that spanned many disciplines to assess the condition and restoration potential of a stream in a local disc golf course. I co-authored the report below to summarize our analysis of one reach of the stream. Considering the adjascent reaches analyzed by other teams, the class discussed restoration potential and submitted a cumulative report to the park manager.

Reach 1 Final Report: Assesment of Existing Conditions

Site assessment report and restoration concept: Worrell Creek at Carroll Marty Disc Golf Course, Ames, IA

Wetland restoration analysis in Cowling Arboretum (GEOL.210)

In the lab portion of my geomorphology class, the class spent two weeks surveying an area of Carleton's Cowling Arboretum. Our goal was to analyze the geomorphological features of the region to determine whether it was an appropriate area for a wetland restoration project, as suggested by arboretum management. As a project manager, I coordinated specialized teams and co-authored the introduction, summaries, and conclusion of our cumulative report.

The Plausibility of Wetland Restoration in Cowling Arboretum: Geomorphological Analysis

Related class projects

Mapping terraces and stream channels (GEOL.579)

Mapping excercises in Iowa and Minnesota


Survey of the hydraulic geometry at a reach of Spring Creek, Northfield, MN (GEOL.210)

Takaways were a topographic map, lateral cross sections of water depth and velocity, and a report