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Professional Experience

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  • Assist with twice-annual glacier monitoring surveys to record mass balance on two index glaciers.
  • Contribute to an NPS/NSF Malaspina Glacier research project, which includes fieldwork, data analysis, figure and map preparation, professional presentations, and public outreach talks.
  • Prepare and edit digital elevation models of park terrain using ArcGIS desktop for a visitor display.
  • Write resource briefs to synthesize research for the public and project reports for collaborators.
  • Compile long-term data into consistent formats to be archived in a national database.
  • Assemble surficial geology data into a cohesive digital map of the park.
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  • Performed routine data collection and maintenance at tributary stations for a paired watershed monitoring project that has been maintained for over 50 years.
  • Collected and documented soil, water, and vegetation samples.
  • Installed and retrieved data from HOBOware data loggers, ISCO water samplers, and Campbell Scientific instruments at meteorological towers.

  • Independently developed and implemented 7 month-long lab experiments.
  • Processed and interpreted 7 experimental data sets using MATLAB and Microsoft Excel.
  • Wrote M.S. thesis and presented several award-winning professional poster and oral presentations.
  • Coauthored a research article, in review, and published annotated data in a public online repository.
  • Brainstormed, proofread, and co-authored blog posts for the public with a PolarTrec educator.
  • Conducted 3 cumulative weeks of strenuous fieldwork and provided logistical support in the Canadian Rockies and Swiss Alps.
  • Assisted with remote sensing surveys, collected GPS-tagged data, and displayed the data in ArcGIS.
  • Assembled written lab tutorials to document standard operating procedure for common lab activities.
  • Mentored an undergraduate student worker and guided graduate students new to working in our lab.
  • Handled clerical duties like managing reimbursements following strict university guidelines.
  • Navigated working from home and coordinated a virtual MS defense during COVID-19 quarantine.
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  • Taught 2 lab sections of Geology 100L, which involved lecturing, overseeing labs, and grading.
  • Engaged and monitored the progress of students with many different ability levels and interests.
  • Coordinated equipment checkout and data collection schedules for field trips and final projects.
  • Created detailed templates and style guidelines for student abstracts and posters.
  • Mentored and judged posters for final research projects.
  • Formally input grades and shared class material via the university online portal.

  • Examined, interpreted, and analyzed the distribution of gas bubbles in subglacial pillow lava.
  • Camped and conducted fieldwork for 2 weeks at a volcanic ridge in Iceland.
  • Conducted petrological and geochemical lab work at the College of Wooster.
  • Extensively used Excel, Adobe Illustrator, and ImageJ for data processing and preparing figures.
  • Consulted closely with a team working on related projects while continuing independent research.
  • Presented research in undergraduate thesis, several technical talks, posters, and a written report.
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  • Assisted with three introduction to geology classes in weekly labs, field trips, and office hours.
  • Prompted interpretation of local outcrops and mentored illustrations of stratigraphic columns, field sketches, and interpretation of geologic maps.
  • Mentored end of term research projects.
  • Prepared equipment and transportation for fieldtrips.

  • Reunion Shuttle Driver (June 2015, June 2017): Greeted and toured visiting alumni through campus during Carleton’s annual reunion weekend.
  • Geology/Chemistry Administrative Office Assistant (January 2017 – June 2017): Designed posters to promote weekly seminars and assisted with miscellaneous office tasks.
  • Dining Board Student-at-Large (September 2015 – June 2017): Attended bi-weekly dining board meetings to represent the student body in discussions about Carleton’s dining program.
  • Food Recovery Network Volunteer (September 2016 – June 2017): Recovered up to 50 lbs of leftover food from dining hall meals to be donated to local organizations.
  • Telecom Office Student Manager (September 2014 – June 2016): Answered and directed phone calls to Carleton’s main line, trained employees, coordinated shifts, and assisted with office work.
  • Registrar’s Office Front Desk Attendant (April 2016 – June 2016): Attended the front desk, accepted and administered forms, and mailed requested transcripts.
  • Outdoor Club Trip Leader (May 2014 – September 2016): Organized and lead 3 weekend caving trips for Carleton students in Southern Minnesota.
  • Student Research Assistant (June 2015 – August 2015): Located basalt outcrops in Oregon from GPS data and collected samples for geochemical analysis.

  • Attended seminars on the NASA Ames campus and participated in office meetings and events.
  • Edited web and print outreach materials and updated database of astrobiology graduate students.

  • Provided high-energy customer service to thousands of daily visitors at the MN State Fair.
  • Inventoried over 100 honey products and managed the daily schedules of 8 employees.

  • Camped on-site to set traps, conduct behavioral observations, and assist with handling animals in annual weeklong field studies on a remote population of American pikas.
  • Assisted with a plant survey intended to track vegetation patterns over time.
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  • Identified and removed invasive plants (parsnip, burdock, and sweet clover) as part of eradication efforts in native tallgrass prairies, when visiting Minnesota.
  • Assisted with miscellaneous manual farm labor.

  • Developed camp curriculums and taught four weeklong programs per year.
  • Supervised the work of other ballet teachers and assistants.
  • Selected and purchased all supplies for classes, games and crafts within a tight budget.

  • Leadership Experience

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  • Facilitated meetings and manage all ongoing projects related to The Traveling School alumnae.
  • Designed and created an alumnae networking website and database that I continue to manage.
  • Managed online document storage, master schedule, member database, and archives.

  • Elected to represent the geology graduate students and preside over meetings.
  • Organized and promoted multiple department events, outreach activities, and club projects.
  • Acted as liaison between club members and the department, other clubs, and the public.
  • Created online archives for the records of all club activity and advised incoming officers.

  • Designed content and led a portion of a fieldtrip at Findelen Glacier above Zermatt, Switzerland.
  • Traveled with a group of 20 students for one week to study the formation of the Swiss Alps.
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  • Traveled with a group of 20 students for 10 weeks to study the geology of New Zealand.
  • Worked in small groups on mapping assignments, outcrop analysis, etc.
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  • Traveled with large groups of Carleton students on multi-day fieldtrips that focused on geologic highlights throughout the Midwest.
  • Visited Northern Minnesota, the Missouri Ozarks, the Badlands, the Black Hills and Baraboo, WI.

  • Awards and Recognition

    Publications and Professional Presentations

    Thompson, A. C., Iverson, N. R., Zoet, L. K., 2020, Controls on subglacial rock frictiom: experiments with debris in temperate ice. In review for the Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface.

    Thompson, A. C., 2020, An experimental study of debris-bed friction during glacier sliding [M.Sc. thesis]: Iowa State University, 67 p. pdf

    Thompson, A. C., Iverson, N. R., Zoet, L. K., An experimental study of subglacial debris-bed friction during basal slip. Oral presentation at: American Geophysical Society Meeting; 2019 Dec 13; San Francisco, CA. abstract

    Thompson, A. C., Iverson, N. R., Zoet, L. K., An experimental study of debris-bed friction during basal slip. Oral presentation at: International Glaciological Society Symposium on Glacial Erosion and Sedimentation; 2019 May 12; Madison, WI. abstract

    Thompson, A. C., Iverson, N. R., Zoet, L. K., A relationship between sliding speed and effective pressure based on ovservations of deglaciated bedrock. Poster session presented at: Geological Society of America North-Central Section Meeting; 2018 April 17; Ames, IA.abstract

    Thompson, A. C., 2017, Vesicle distribution in glaciovolcanic pillow lava from Undirhlidar, southwest Iceland: Keck Geology Consortium Short Contributions, v. 30. pdf

    Thompson, A. C., 2017, Vesicle distribution in glaciovolcanic pillow lava from Undirhlidar, southwest Iceland [B.A. thesis]: Carleton College, 39 p. pdf

    Thompson, A. C., Orden, M., Lembo, C., Wallace, C., Kumpf, B., Heineman, R., Engen, C., Edwards, B. R., Pollock, M., and Kochtitzky, W., Physical Characteristics of Glaciovolcanic Pillow Lavas from Undirhlidar, SW Iceland. Poster session presented at: Geological Society of America; 2016 Sept 26; Denver, CO. abstract

    Wallace, C., Kumpf, B., Heineman, R., Lembo, C., Orden, M., Thompson, A. C., Engen, C., Kochtitzky, W., Pollock, M., Edwards., B. R., and Hiatt, A. Geochemical Constraints on the Magmatic System and Eruptive Environment of a Glaciovolcanic Tindar Ridge from Undirhlíðar, SW Iceland. Poster session presented at: Geological Society of America; 2016 Sept 26; Denver, CO. abstract

    Heineman, R., Lembo, C., Engen, C., Kochtitzky, W., Wallace, C., Orden, M., Thompson, A. C., Kumpf, B., Edwards, B. R., and Pollock, M. New Insights on the Formation of Glaciovolcanic Tindar Ridges from Detailed mapping of Undirhlidar Ridge, SW Iceland. Poster session presented at: Geological Society of America; 2016 Sept 26; Denver, CO. abstract

    Additional Skills

    Featured Coursework

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  • NREM.555X Stream Restoration  
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  • GEOL.574 Glacial and Quaternary Geology
  • CRP.558 Web Mapping  
  • more
  • GEOL.579 Surficial Processes
  • GEOL.568X Applied Geostatistics for Geoscientists
  • GEOL.559X Quantitative Methods in Geology (MATLAB)
  • GEOL.590A Special Topics Glaciology seminar
  • GEOL.552 GIS for Geoscientists

  • GEOL.230 Paleobiology
  • GEOL.365 Structural Geology  
  • more
  • GEOL.340 Hydrology
  • MATH.215 Intro to Statistics
  • GEOL.210 Geomorphology  
  • more
  • PHYS.152 Environmental Physics
  • PHYS.131 Newtonian Physics
  • MATH.232 Linear Algebra
  • ARTS.110 Observational Drawing
  • GEOL.286/288 Topics in North/South Island Geology  
  • more
  • GEOL.285/287 Geology in New Zealand
  • GEOL.289 Basic Field Drawing  
  • more
  • GEOL.360 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • GEOL.220 Tectonics
  • GEOL.292 Geochemistry of the CRVP
  • GEOL.255 Petrology
  • ENTS.110 Environment and Society
  • ARCN.246 Archaeological Studies
  • GEOL.250 Mineralogy
  • CHEM.123 Principles of Chemistry
  • MATH.265 Probability
  • GEOL.258 Geology of Soils
  • GEOL.110 Intro Geology
  • MATH.211 Multivariable Calculus
  • BIOL.210 Global Change Biology
  • CS.111 Intro to Computer Science
  • BIOL.125 Genes and Evolution
  • Memberships